Other Treats to Pamper Yourself

Our other wonderful skin treats include our Soap Gels -- crystaline, shimmering, wonderfully astringent, they are terrific skin cleansers and bubble bath buddies.
Our Bath Bon-Bons are delightful fizzies, bursting with fragrance,
gentle skin loving oils and bath buffers and conditioners.
Our Bath and Skin Oils are doubly useful. A small amount can be added to the bathwater, leaving the skin soft smooth and lovingly comfortable. Used directly on the skin, they nourish, provide moisture and emmolients to thirsty skin cells.
Truly the closest thing to a mothers kiss in a bottle.

Rosebud Liquid Soap 4 Ounce 3.00
Plumeria Liquid Soap 4 Ounce 3.00
Cucumber Liquid Soap 4 Ounce 3.00
Gardenia Liquid Soap 4 ounce 3.00
Green Tea Liquid Soap 4 Ounce 3.00

Rosebud Liquid Soap 8 Ounce 6.00
Plumeria Liquid Soap 8 Ounce 6.00
Cucumber Liquid Soap 8 Ounce 6.00
Gardenia Liquid Soap 8 ounce 6.00
Green Tea Liquid Soap 8 Ounce 6.00

Rosebud Bath and Skin Oil 8 Ounce 7.00
Plumeria Bath and Skin Oil 8 Ounce 7.00
Cucumber Bath and Skin Oil 8 Ounce 7.00
Gardenia Bath and Skin Oil 8 ounce 7.00
Green Tea Bath and Skin Oil 8 Ounce 7.00

We are proud to introduce our Bath Teas! These generous tea bags are filled with wonderful lavender buds, powdered milks, salts and ground oatmeal. They transform an ordinary bath into a intensive care spa to delight and relax, even when your day has been the most trying. Lavender buds transport you to a wonderful night's sleep, while the remaining ingredients pamper tired muscles, relax jangled nerves, and treat the skin to a wonderful nourishing and refreshing bouqet of health and fragrance. Just drop one of these tea bags into your bath, allow it to soak for 4-5 minutes, gently squeeze the delights from the bag, and treat yourself to a 15 minute drift into Heaven! You will enjoy a wonderful\ night's sleep via the Lavender's wonderful ability to relax and soothe. AAAaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh Goodnight!!
Lavender Bath Tea 2 use 2.50
Lavender Mint Bath Tea 2 use 2.50
Lavender & Rosemary Bath Tea 2 use 2.50
Lilac, Lavender & Rosemary Bath Tea 2 uses 2.50
Lavender, Rosemary & Chamomile Bath Tea 2 use 2.50

Our premier product for this season is our Manna Milk & Honey Facial Scrub. This scrub is like no other. Manna Milk & Honey is compounded from oat powder, corn starch, selected clays and earths, goat's milk, honey and specially selected herbs such as Lavender and Rosemary. Combined with the moisturizing and lubricating oils and health giving water, this triad of skin care will exfoliate the delicate facial tissues gently and thoroughly, without abrasive salts or sugars. The velvet touch of this scrub is designed to restore highlights to the skin, lost by the layer of dead cells. The result is almost a holographic rainbow of highlights that your skin naturally possesses. We sold out our allotments of this scrub when we introduced Manna Milk & Honey in Beaumont and in Shreveport. This is the first truly innovative scrub to be introduced to the Southern States! A 60 to 90 day supply costs only $10.00!
Manna Milk & Honey Luxury Facial Scrub 1 oz. 10.00
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