Coupon for every 3 bars bought -.50
These Luxurious Bars are cut to average of
approximately 4 ounces.  They are generously
superfatted  from 5 to 7 1/2 Percent. 
Each time you use our soaps your  skin receives
a wonderful "hot oil" treatment.  This nourishes
skin, and helps maintain comfort and that wonderful glow
from healthy skin.  These hand crafted bars may vary
slightly in appearance.   Weight may vary slightly
but the quality of our soaps remains excellent.

Our soaps are available in the following fine fragrances.
Please enter the quantity of each fragrance you wish to purchase
and click "Buy Now".
You will be able to adjust the quantity of bars for each scent you order on
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Chocolate Covered Cherry 3.50
Cucumber 3.50
Peach Nectar 3.50
Unscented 3.50
Peppermint 3.50
Vanilla Butter 3.50
Cocomoo Butter Butter Bar 3.50
Lemon Balm 3.50
Redwood Trails 3.50
Bay Lime 3.50
Plumeria 3.50
Jasmine 3.50
Lily of the Valley 3.50
Louisiana Rose 3.50
Lavender 3.50
Ambrosia 3.50
Green Tea & Mint 3.50
Herbal Green Tea 3.50
Yellow Rose of Texas 3.50
Gardener's Friend 3.50
Orange Blossom Special 3.50
Plum Passion 3.50
Lilac Dreams 3.50
Cherry Blossom 3.50
Summer Meadow 3.50
Baby Powder 3.50
Sweet Bay Rose 3.50
Romance 3.50
Egyptian Dreams Rice Bar 3.50
Apple N Spice Oatmeal 3.50
Spiced Oatmeal N Honey 3.50
Oatmeal N Calendula 3.50
Berries N Cream 3.50
Strawberry & Green Tea 3.50
Melonberry 3.50
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